Our ELT Department follows an open and transparent process regarding staff recruitment. The path and method the personnel applying to our department and department should follow are stated below.

1- Since faculty members cannot be employed in faculties, candidates who will apply must have at least a doctorate degree.

2- The staff working in the Department of English Language Teaching are expected to have a Ph.D. from programs such as English Language Teaching, Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, and American Language and Literature. After recruiting one staff from literature-related departments, we are expecting candidates to hold a Ph.D. in English Language Teaching or related departments.

3- Applicant candidates are expected to meet the minimum requirements by the Afyon Kocatepe University faculty appointment directive.

4- In addition to meeting the minimum requirements, our department expects the applicants to have at least one SSCI-indexed article and to be close to fulfilling the requirements for an associate professorship.

5- It is recommended that the applicants start the process by sending an e-mail to the head of the department with their CVs. If the head of the department deems it appropriate, the necessary official procedure can be initiated.

Extra Remarks: Although we follow similar procedures for international applicants, they can ask the head of the department for further suggestions.

14 August 2023, Monday 275 kez görüntülendi